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Is that an Apple Watch? That was the main idea that went through my head when I got the Oppo Watch. The plan and the bundling most certainly look propelled by the Apple Watch, yet the similitudes end there, as the Oppo Watch runs Google's Wear OS. With tech organizations dialing back on smartwatches and just conventional watch makers apparently advancing Wear OS for some time now, it is great to see Oppo stepping in. Does the Oppo Watch put forth a solid defense for Wear OS, or will this gadget go down as an Apple Watch copy? I test the watch to sort out that response.


The Oppo Watch can undoubtedly be mistaken for an Apple Watch, and a couple of individuals I met accepted it was the fruity gadget. Albeit the plan looks motivated, Oppo has nailed it with regards to put-togetherness. The main thing that will catch your eye about the Oppo Watch is its AMOLED show. It is huge, estimating 1.91 inches, and is bended on different sides. This looks great, but at the same time is valuable while swiping through the connection point.

The dazzling presentation streams into an aluminum case that feels premium to the touch. The lower button has an emphasize and can be set to fill any role you pick. This likewise goes about as the power button assuming that you long-press it. The button at the top is utilized to open the application cabinet and goes about as the back key; long-squeezing it gathers the Google Assistant.

You won't observe hauls on the Oppo Watch as the lashes append straightforwardly to the aluminum body. It looks spotless, however the disadvantage is that the plan is exclusive and observing substitutions will not be simple. Oppo claims that the lashes are made from fluororubber, and they feel light. Throughout about fourteen days utilizing this watch, these lashes never brought on any disturbance or rashes on my skin. You can isolate the lash from the body by squeezing minuscule delivery buttons at the back. A firm press is to the point of delivering the lash, yet it wouldn't fall off unintentionally.


Oppo has utilized the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor to control this watch. There is an optional low-power ambiq Micro Apollo 3 SoC that assumes control over when the watch is placed in power saver mode. There is 1GB of RAM on the Oppo Watch, which has a tremendous effect on the presentation. I viewed the watch as speedy to answer my bits of feedbacks, and saw no slack while utilizing it.

There is Bluetooth 4.2 to keep the watch associated with your cell phone, and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi so it can work freely too. There is no cell information choice. You get 8GB of interior stockpiling also. The 46mm Oppo Watch is water safe upto 5ATM while the more modest 41mm variation is water safe up to 3ATM. There is in-fabricated GPS, GLONASS, and A-GPS. It additionally has support for NFC.

The Oppo Watch runs Google's Wear OS and can be matched with an Android cell phone as well as an iPhone. I matched the watch to a Google Pixel 3 (Review) as well as an iPhone 11 (Review), yet the experience was essentially better on the Android cell phone. Apple's solid handle on protection and application control truly handicaps the matched Wear OS smartwatch. I couldn't answer to notices when matched to the iPhone, essentially restricting the Oppo Watches capacities to that of a notifier. The experience was a great deal smoother when matched with an Android telephone , and I could answer to messages without any problem. Wear OS auto proposes fundamental answers however I could open up a little console and swipe to type a message. I could likewise accept calls effectively on the watch, yet I needed to raise it close to my face to hear the guest. Individuals I addressed had no bad things to say about call quality.

The AMOLED show has punchy contrast and awesome review points. There is an encompassing light sensor that sets the splendor naturally. I viewed the Oppo Watch as a piece forceful with keeping the splendor low to save battery duration, and I needed to physically knock the brilliance up when I was outside. Assuming that you do this frequently or control the splendor physically, you will see an effect on battery duration. The Oppo Watch answers the raise-to-wake signal well overall, and the second you drop your hand down the showcase goes off.


The Oppo Watch is all around planned and is a full-included smartwatch running Google's Wear OS. As a matter of fact, it is one of the better Wear OS watches I've utilized as of late, and the cost is sensible. I would suggest the 46mm Oppo Watch over the 41mm variation since the more modest battery could mean less than ideal battery duration.

Unfortunately, Google hasn't done much with its Wear OS foundation of late, and this watch's absence of inventive elements could be down to the stage. On the off chance that you are an Android client searching for a utilitarian smartwatch, the Oppo Watch is most certainly worth investigating.. Be that as it may, assuming you are an iPhone client, the Oppo Watch wouldn't be ideal since Wear OS has different restrictions. All things being equal, you can investigate the Apple Watch Series 3.

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