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Ola S1 Pro electric bikes are purportedly getting a move up to the vehicle control unit (VCU) to oblige future updates and to relieve warming issues, prudently forestalling further reviews. New Ola S1 Pro units are being sent with an overhauled VCU with more RAM and locally available capacity, as indicated by a report. The organization is additionally tipped to before long perform VCU redesigns for more seasoned units. The organization, which gave a review of 1,441 electric bikes last month, is yet to report any designs to update the VCU on units that have been sold in the country.

Ola Electric could before long embrace a review plan or perform home visits to overhaul the VCU on electric bikes that delivered before March. The more established VCU accessible on those models needs more RAM and capacity for future updates, as per the report. The disclosure comes in the midst of different protests from clients asserting their bike turns on switch mode or closes down naturally, and an example of the organization's Ola Electric S1 Pro bike bursting into flames in Pune in March.

The implied new VCU that is being utilized by the SoftBank-upheld organization on new and existing Ola S1 Pro bikes is said to have more RAM and installed stockpiling — enough to oblige refreshes from now on. In any case, it is significant that the organization has not uncovered any designs to perform moves up to units that have been delivered, or an adjustment of the VCU arrangement for future units. Devices 360 has connected with Ola Electric and will refresh this article when the organization answers.

The report doesn't indicate the particulars of the new VCU. Whenever the Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro were sent off, the organization had uncovered that the VCU was fueled by an octa-center processor with 3GB of RAM, and offers 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth network. The organization's true site as of now records the accessible RAM as 3GB.

At the point when the Ola S1 Pro was sent off, the organization had additionally uncovered that it would be outfitted with a Battery Management System that "effectively screens the battery for ideal toughness, execution, reach and security." According to the insider, the organization is intently checking the soundness of battery cells and battery packs, which can be controlled by means of the VCU. With a few significant angles, for example, speed, warm levels, charging control, voltage, power productivity, finding and observing constrained by the VCU, the overhaul could take into account further developed programming refreshes that could address a portion of the issues influencing Ola S1 Pro proprietors, as per the report.

Last month, Ola Electric it would review 1,441 of its electric bikes, weeks after one of the organization's vehicles burst into flames, which incited an examination concerning the occurrence. The organization uncovered that it would direct an analytic and wellbeing check of bikes in a particular cluster, and gave a review of 1,441 vehicles. The firm had likewise uncovered the starter evaluation of the vehicle that burst into flames uncovered that it was a confined one, and that the reviews were a preplanned measure.

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