Logitech MX Mechanical Keyboard || Does Logitech make good mechanical keyboards?


Logitech's MX Mechanical console is the best efficiency console around, and it's strong for gaming, as well.

The decision among work and play has been one that console fans will know very well — for each magnificent gaming choice, you'll find efficiency restricted, and for some work-centered consoles, you will not get that wonderful key travel or "clacky" criticism while messing around.

Fortunately Logitech's MX Mechanical rides the two sides of that discussion, offering a magnificent all-around console experience that actually figures out how to look proficient.


The MX Mechanical comes in two variations, with a regular rendition and a TKL form which drops the Numpad and improves the right-hand side of the 'board in like manner.

Contrasted with a great deal of mechanical consoles, it very well may be contended that the MX Mechanical looks somewhat plain — it has grayscale keycaps, and there's no RGB, while it's additionally missing the volume roller of something like the Logitech's own G915 console.

But, there's a charming thing about it, similar to it's asking to be contacted. Our survey unit delivered with material switches, and there's adequate key travel and fulfilling discernible input that won't match the sound you get while you're squeezing keys on a console with clicky switches, yet at the same it's as yet recognizable. In numerous ways, it seems like Logitech understood that individuals needed stronger consoles, making the MX Mechanical noisier, all while dulling the snaps in its MX Master 3S mouse.

Maybe our number one element of the MX Mechanical, however, is in its keycaps themselves. We use Mac and PC, reciprocally, so having both macOS and Windows key glyphs on here is a genuine major advantage. That being said, on the off chance that you're just utilizing it on one OS we can perceive how it could get somewhat untidy.

Arrangement and highlights

The arrangement of the MX Mechanical is straightforward, which is similarly also on the grounds that likewise with the MX Master 3S, you can match it with three gadgets simultaneously. You can do as such with a USB dongle or by means of Bluetooth, and we tracked down it's entirely open to fluttering between Windows, macOS, and even iPadOS utilizing the exchanging keys over the "home" button and bolt keys.

Similarly as with the mouse partner, however, the USB recipient is a USB-A one, so you might require a dongle on the off chance that you're utilizing, say, a MacBook. In any case, Bluetooth was solid in our testing and saves turning off the dongle routinely. Fortunately, it charges through a USB-C association, which you're probably going to have staying nearby in the event that you have a more up to date iPad, Nintendo Switch, or Android telephone.

It's quite important, however, that hot-trading keys is beyond the realm of possibilities except if you're willing to do some patching — Keychron, this ain't, and that might prevent console lovers searching for an arrangement to fiddle with.

As per Logitech, you can get 15 days of battery duration with backdrop illumination on or ten months without it. That is a sizeable distinction, yet it's quite significant that the backdrop illumination here is classy and negligible, and we viewed it as truly supportive while working late at night. It's all white, with no variety choice, however you can flick between various modes that feature different keys or play out little examples. In truth, it's a tad of a wink and a grin from a dominatingly straight-confronted item, and we feel a debt of gratitude.

To follow battery charge and make changes to backdrop illumination beyond stirring things up around town key, you'll have to introduce Logitech Options+, despite the fact that it's quite important that it crashed a couple of times on macOS for us. However, on Windows, it was fine.

Is it great for gaming?

While we noticed that the MX Master 3 is excessively cumbersome for gaming, we can see the MX Mechanical keys being perfect for both work and play. The switches are a delight to press, especially in the event that you settle on the switches you'd like, while the general format has a touch of all that whether you're playing on PC or Mac.

We played several Valorant deathmatches and didn't track down the MX Mechanical put us in a difficult situation, while it likewise felt perfect in League of Legends and the really loosening up bounds of Cities Skylines.


Logitech's MX Mechanical may not be the most invigorating looking console, but rather it's positively useful for both everyday work and messing around, as well. Whether you're searching for a reliable console for a really long time of messages and Slack discussions, or you need to rehearse your barraging in Valorant, there's a great deal to like here.

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